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5 inventive & quirky upcycling ideas for your garden

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Upcycling is a fun and clever way to re-use unwanted objects from around the home. Instead of throwing away those old chest of drawers, why not use them to create a new, levelled plant bed? Upcycling has become more popular in recent times and it is easy to see why. Forget about store bought garden features, get your brain juice ticking and get creative! Upcycling is a cheap way to spice up your garden, so you won’t need to be Alan Sugar to afford this, but you might need to release your inner Alan Titchmarsh. Besides, we live in sunny Bournemouth, our gardens are a safe haven to enjoy the South Coast shine. Struggling for ideas? Check out these examples for a bit of inspiration.

Upcycling your glass or plastic bottles

Perfect idea to turn your urban Bournemouth garden into a colourful space

More than 16 million plastic bottles are put into landfill, burnt or leak into the environment and oceans each day. This nifty upcycling idea prevents your plastic bottles being thrown away and instead, gives the garden a nice make-over. Having these planters on the wall turned this urban garden into a colourful but clean space, perfect for the more urban homes in Bournemouth Town.

Turn old toilets into funky planters

Toilet Garden

We all know the expression and with these creative toilet planters, it really will smell like roses. By re-using your old toilets, you can add a quirky feature to any garden, whilst preventing yourself a trip to the dump (pun intended)!

Upcycle old furniture and drawers

Drawer planters

This colourful drawer planter looks like something you would find in the Mad Hatters garden. By painting furniture in vibrant colours and adding blooming beautiful flowers, you can easily transform unwanted goods into wonderfully unique garden features.

Upcycling wooden pallets

Looking for pallets? We often supply them from our Bournemouth Self-Storage facility

Not only can you turn your old furniture into creative planters, you can also turn your old pallets into ‘new’ garden furniture. This genius idea is perfect for your summer garden parties, especially in Bournemouth. After all, we do have the best weather.

If you’re ever in need of some pallets we often have a lot to give for free at our Bournemouth Self-Storage facility. Feel free to get in touch and ask if we have any available.

Don’t give old wellies the boot

Boots garden

Instead of throwing away your outgrown wellies, you should turn them in to colourful wall planters. As well as being waterproof and durable, they’re easily made too. Hang them on walls, fences or place them flat on the floor, either way, they are sure to spice up your garden.

Don’t have any of these items? You can use sites like Gumtree to acquire plenty of freebies. If you want more Upcycling ideas, be sure to read plenty of upcycling blogs and visit websites like Upcycle That for creative inspiration.

For more creative genius unrelated to gardening, check out this man who turned his storage unit into a small apartment.