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A-Storage at The MacGuffin Project

MacGuffin header image

Part of A-Storage’s culture is connecting with other local businesses. Whether it is just casual meetings or working with them, we like to find ways to enhance our customer experience. It is also a big reason we love working in Bournemouth, everyone is so friendly! This is where The MacGuffin Project come in.

Both we and The MacGuffin Project opened our doors, in Bournemouth, around the same time earlier this year. I think it’s fair to say we have both made a great start to life in Bournemouth. While we offer completely different services it is evident that our great customer service is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

To get to know the team at MacGuffin and what they offer we took a trip down to tackle one of their mystery rooms and to take a tour of their building.

The MacGuffin Project machine

The MacGuffin Experience

We took our team of 4 (you need a minimum of 3 people to take part) to the Carnival Themed escape rooms and were immediately taken back by the great decoration and attention to detail in the foyer. With costumes to try on and a distinctly ‘Steam Punk’ style you immediately feel immersed into a whole new world, whilst also having amazing photo opportunities…

A-Storage Team

After putting our belongings into one of their lockers we were given a quick briefing of the do’s and don’ts. Then, we were taken into the first room to find out a little more. There we met ‘Horatio’, the MacGuffin Carnivals crazy, rocket boot wearing host.

The Fortune Teller

The room A-Storage took part in was called ‘The Fortune Teller’. Now, I can’t give too much away here for obvious reasons, but we strongly recommend you guys give this one a go for yourselves!

Horatio guided us into the room, and gave us absolutely nothing to work with! Once you get into the room, you have to figure out what it is you have to do, and then figure out how to do it! You have one hour to complete the room, or risk being locked in the room with the previous Fortune Teller, Rosa!

This was our first experience with Escape Rooms and the details in these rooms were second to none. The special effects and machinery really make you feel like you travelled back in time.

Whilst we thought we did well, we ran out of time with just one more task to complete! Frustrated isn’t the word. In fact, we would describe this as ‘Infuriating Fun’.

We truly did have fun at The MacGuffin Project, we will definitely return to take on another escape room! We’d like to send a big thank you to the team at MacGuffin for letting us take part!

The Competition

That is not all! A-Storage and The MacGuffin Project are offering 4 of you lovely people the chance to take on the MacGuffin Carnival! Stay tuned on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages to find out how you can win this amazing experience!