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Bournemouth Street Performer Brings Self-Storage To Life

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Self-Storage can provide a solution to many types of people, typically business owners and home movers. At A-Storage, we like to take things a little further. Introducing one of our most unique customers, 54 year old Bournemouth street performer, Maricel Harabagiu.

Maricel is a Bournemouth street performer, a ‘Human Statue’ to be exact. If you’re from the Bournemouth area, you may have seen him near Debenhams, in the square. Maricel has had a self-storage unit with us for over 3 months now and we love having him here. He always has a smile on his face and with so much life experience, he has the best stories! I sat down with him at our branch in Charminster so I could find out a bit more about him and how our storage facility helps him.­­­­


Bournemouth Street Performer in London

Travelling Man

Being a street performer, Maricel has to travel around the world in order to make peak seasons in different countries and cities. His career started in Oslo, Norway, after meeting another street performer who offered him a chance to make some money, by loaning Maricel a suit and taking commission from his earnings. Within 2 months, Maricel was making more money than the other performer! France, Ireland and Sweden are all places that can be ticked off his list, as well as over 25 cities in the UK. Whilst in Dublin, Ireland, Maricel recalls meeting Hollywood actor, Martin Sheen. ‘He was with his family on Grafton Street and when he saw who I was dressed as he shouted ‘Hello, James Joyce’, and he was very kind to let me have a photo with him’. Most recently, Maricel met AFCBournemouth striker, Jermaine Defoe.

Bournemouth Street Performer with Martin Sheen

Maricel on screen

Working in major cities across the world, can sometimes chuck up some great opportunities. Maricel has also starred in a feature film himself!  He was approached by another celebrity A-lister, this time, Dustin Hoffman whilst filming 2009 indie-drama, ‘Last Chance Harvey’. With his detailed suits and props, Maricel caught the eye of Hoffman who invited him to be an extra in the film. He made the switch from movie screens to TV screens this year, when he featured on Romania’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it any further than auditions, but he was well liked by the judges and believes ‘It was a victory just being there’.


How self-storage helps

I asked Maricel how having self-storage helps him, this is what he said. ‘It’s really helpful to have storage. I change address so many times, so it is important for me to keep my items safe. I store my costume and props at A-Storage and these things earn my living’. ‘It keeps my items dry and safe, so I know when I return back to Bournemouth, I can start work straight away’. ‘I’m anxious about losing my things, or them being taken, so this gives me piece of mind when I’m away’.

This gives myself, and everyone at A-Storage a huge sense of satisfaction. Knowing that we can help people achieve their goals is one of the many reasons we love our job.

‘I would definitely recommend A-Storage. It is very useful and the price is low. My unit is so cheap, that I can afford to leave it here all year long, whilst I travel’.

If you think that our storage could help you, the way it helps Maricel, please visit out website for prices or call us on 01202 520038 / 07572 454 615.