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Cardboard Boxes for Sale in Christchurch

Box ShopPadlock £11.00

Combination Lock

Large cardboard boxes for sale in BournemouthLarge Cardboard Box £3.60

20 x 20 x 20 inches

50.8cm x 50.8cm x 50.8cm

Medium Cardboard boxes for sale in Bournemouth Medium Cardboard Box £3.00

20 x 14.5 x 15.5 inches

50.8cm x 36.8cm x 39.4cm

Bubble WrapBubble Wrap £0.60 per metre

Corrugated Card WrapCorrugated Card Wrap £0.90 per metre

Double Mattress Storage Bag Double Mattress Storage £3.60

Packing TapePacking Tape £2.40

Box Shop

We see packing materials as a support item when you are having to move home or office.  This is why we have carefully selected a quality range of items for you.  We understand that costs mount up when purchasing boxes and protective materials so we have kept this in mind with our pricing to enable you to purchase the required items as cheaply as possible.

Our Bransgore site offers a range of packing materials for your use.  It is essential to pack your items in good quality, robust boxes and that’s just what we offer – at an affordable price!  Many people resort to boxes from the supermarket but please take our advice and avoid this.  Your items will not be protected and for a small charge you can ensure you have piece of mind over the safety of your precious items.

We usually have a range of offers on our box shop so please do ask about these if you require this service.

Do ensure you protect fragile and important items with strong card or bubble wrap.  Cover your mattresses to avoid dust and purchase a padlock (preferably with a code to avoid loss of keys) of robust nature.

We will be setting up an on-site box shop very soon.  However, at this time, our box shop is based in Charminster.  Fear not!  We will deliver any items you order to our Bransgore self storage facility for your collection with no charge to you.  Simply go onto the page, decide which items you need and call us to order.  We can take payment from you over the phone by card (or, if you prefer, we can accept cash on collection) and pack your order for you.  This will then be delivered to Bransgore at a convenient time for your collection.  Don’t forget our package offers as these save you money and our shop will allow you to save a lot of time trying to source items over the internet.