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Business Values at A-Storage

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Business Values at A-Storage

At A-Storage we have a set of closely followed and precise Business Values. We apply these Values everyday to ensure the success of our Business, and to ensure that the customer has a great experience with us.

Instead of just putting some paragraphs together and telling you our Values, we thought we should show you a few examples of us abiding by them.

Personal Growth

At A-Storage we believe in continual personal development and we facilitate this to our Staff. This can be anything from a networking event, a TED Talk, a book or a training course. By providing opportunities to learn and to grow, not only in our Business but as a person, you can vastly improve your knowledge and future.

Apprentice at A-Storage

Take our Digital Marketing Apprentice as an example. He most recently completed an IT qualification to help with his course and his work here with us. He also takes part in various webinars, readings and online tutorials to ensure he is staying on top of the current trends.

Open, Transparent and Flexible

This is one of our most important Business Values, and one we take very seriously. Our customer relationships are extremely important to us. We like to guarantee a professional yet personal experience all the way through their time with us, from initial enquiries through to the day they leave storage.

To start this cycle, we openly offer our storage prices, for Bournemouth and Christchurch, over the phone and on our website, without having to take any contact details such as your email address!

Over 7 years as a Company we have built up many excellent relationships with our Clients and we will happily have a coffee and a chat, about anything, it doesn’t even have to be storage related!

We not I!

‘If you look after your Staff, they will look after the customers. It’s that simple.’ – Richard Branson

Most weeks we often spend just as much time with our colleagues as we do our family, if not more! In order for this to work, we believe in working together, trusting each other and looking out for each other. We work hard and, we like to play hard also, so enjoying being together is important to all of us.

A-Storage out for dinner

We are going green!

When working hard you can sometimes stop looking after yourself and the environment. To help with this we often provide home cooked, healthy lunches.

We are consistently looking at ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Whether this is our recycling regime or the fact that we have now replaced half of our fluorescent lights with brand new LED ones. In the future we have plans in incorporate a solar panel system to supply power to our business clients!

Recycling at A-Storage. One of our business values

Industry Disruptors

Every member of our team works together with a mutual understanding of the Companys objectives. We aim to be Industry Disruptors, and in order to achieve this we really do separate ourselves from the crowd. Read this article about us on Business in Dorset to see more!

From our office interior all the way through to our flexible and open pricing structure, we take pride in being different and will constantly come up with new ideas to push that little bit further. For us, this isn’t all about the money, offering great customer service is the paramount objective.

If you would like to find out more about us as a Company, or if you would like to read more of our Business Values, please visit our website here, or call us on 01202 520038.

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