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Single Item Storage Bournemouth Prices – Charminster

Medium Box

31cm x 31cm x 46cm


per Week (inc VAT)

CCTV Coverage

Up Front Payment

No Hidden Costs



per Week (inc VAT)

CCTV Coverage

Up Front Payment

No Hidden Costs

Large Box

52cm x 52cm x 52cm


Per Week (inc VAT)

CCTV Coverage

Up Front Payment

No Hidden Costs


Single Item Storage Bournemouth

Only have a few items?  Our single item storage solution is a cheap self-storage option and a cost effective way for you to store a box of your items, rather than having to rent a whole unit yourself. This option is perfect for someone who needs to store their luggage for a week or two. Similarly you may be a business looking for storage solutions to archive your paperwork and files to keep them out of the way of day-to-day business in your office, whilst still keeping them secure. If so our climate controlled, single item storage solution at our Bournemouth branch is perfect for you, check out the information below to find out how this works.

How it works:

Pop into our office and fill out your storage contract details. Purchase the required boxes for your items and pay for your storage.

Fill your boxes with your items.

Bring to our office and we store for you.

We can arrange collection and delivery of your boxes with a local removals firm if you do not have transport – approximate cost for this is £25 each way within a 3 mile radius from our office.  Single item storage means you pay to store a few items for a period of time. You will not have access to your box until the end of storage with us.

Feel like you need a bigger unit? Check out our Charminster, Bournemouth or our Bransgore, Christchurch branches.


Medium box 31 cm x 31 cm x 46 cm = £3.50 per week

Large box 52 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm = £4.50 per week

Prices include £100 worth of insurance and VAT.

All storage fees are paid in advance of storage.

Packing guide

Full Boxes?

  • Leave no unused space for movement. Pack full.
  • If your box rattles when shaken, it's not ready.
  • Pack small/delicate items into smaller boxes.
  • Pack into A-Storage storage boxes.
  • Boxes must be taped up securely.


Glassware and crockery?

  • Original packaging + padding
  • Isolate every item with thick card or bubble wrap.
  • Put thick padding between all stacked items.
  • Place items together tightly in original packaging.
  • Pack A-Storage storage boxes.



  • Original packaging + padding
  • Use the original packing for primary protection.
  • Place packed item into outer box provided.
  • Ensure outer box is totally full, using padding.
  • Remove ink cartridges and toner, tape lids shut.



  • We cannot store liquids of ANY kind. This includes:
  • Shampoo, toiletries, nail varnish, creams, liquid beauty products, contact lens fluid...
  • Food/drink products.
  • Printer ink and toner cartridges.
  • Oil, fuel aerosols.

Jewellery and collectibles?

  • We cannot insure jewellery and collectibles
  • Watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings.
  • Antiques, portraits.
  • Works of art.
  • Money



  • We cannot store combustibles:
  • Fuels, liquid or solid.
  • Lighters, empty or full.
  • Aerosols.
  • Gas canisters.



  • We cannot store batteries:
  • Laptop batteries.
  • Devices with inbuilt batteries.
  • Generic batteries.
  • Camera, phone, etc batteries.


Other prohibited items:

  • Any illegal substances
  • Any combustible substances or fluids
  • Any items that could be used to make and illegal substance
  • Creatures living or otherwise
  • Human remains

Food products?

  • We cannot store food/edible products of ANY kind. This includes:
  • Pasta, grains, seeds, noodles, protein power
  • Dried foods, spices, and herbs.
  • Fresh foods.
  • Meat, vegetables, plants, fish, cured meats.