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Self Storage, the best ways to cut costs

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Self storage is increasingly popular and most of us will have a need of some type of storage in our lifetime.  Even lower cost storage is an expense we could really do without and here at A-Storage we strive to help our customers make the most effective use of space they take with us. Here are a few tricks and tips to consider if you are taking self storage space to cut costs.

Don’t pay to store fresh air!!

Of course you wouldn’t…. or would you?  Vacuum bags can be purchased from the pound shop or similar. Just that £1 investment not only protects your items from dust etc but it reduces volume up to 75%. Just by removing air!

Go up!

Self-storage lockers are usually 8ft high. Many people set their locker out as they would a room in their home. Plastic boxes store without crushing. So heavy items in plastic boxes first then lighter items in cardboard and you can literally fill to the ceiling! Chest of drawers and wardrobes could be packed with boxes and possessions. And an inexpensive piece of foam on top of a chest of draws allows you to put another piece of furniture on top or more boxes!

Wrap it up!

Shrink wrap film costs roughly £12 per roll. It allows you to bundle items, keep them clean and reduces size. One of our favourite tips to cut costs, however, is to use cling film and packing tape, they work just as well! 20m of cling can be purchased in most supermarkets for as little as 19 pence!

Take it apart!

Anything that dismantles – dismantle it! Obvious right? You would be surprised!! Store screws, nuts and bolts from dismantled items in clearly marked freezer bags. Tie then tape them to a section of the dismantled item. And store in a much more cost effective way.

Leave it alone!

Before you store make a deal with yourself. Don’t use storage as a room you keep going into!  If you need corridor space and room to move items around then you will need to take more space. Keep treasured items and things you need  with you. Store the rest.

Chuck it, sell it, do you really need it?

Ask yourself a question. If you put something into storage for a year (apart from furniture) do you really need it? I cannot tell you how many customers throw items away when they move into their new home (after storing that item for a year)!  Be strict with yourself and declutter BEFORE you store.

If you are thinking of storing, get in touch. Whether you store with us or another facility we are always happy to discuss your storage requirements and help you cut costs by getting some self-storage with us today.