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How to Declutter your home (and where to start)!

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So, you know when you have a lot of items and your house/flat never looks tidy because there is just too much stuff in it?  Well, you are really not alone!  Most of us, in one way or another, collect clutter. According to Lovespace, 33% of households argue once a week about clutter in the home!  However, it can get a little out of hand and knowing where to start is often an issue.  As owners of a facility providing Self-Storage in Bournemouth and Christchurch, we have seen it all before and we are here to help you declutter!

Understand who you are!

There is a massive difference between a hoarder and someone who collects clutter. A hoarder collects items of little to no value, cannot let these items go and, often, stores them in an unsafe way. Dirt and vermin pile in amongst the collection and this becomes secondary to the requirement to hoard. Usually these people have items that prevent a room from being used for purpose.

Someone who collects clutter usually collects items of sentimental personal value, stores them in a safe way and ensures rooms are able to be used for the purposes they are meant to.

Make a plan!

You will never be able to declutter the whole of your home in one go. Decide on a room or, perhaps, an area to start with and move on from there. A set of drawers, a wardrobe or cupboard, one step at a time.

Once you have started on an area and seen the benefits of decluttering then you can move on to whole rooms or large areas within a room such as wardrobes or kitchen cupboards.


Have a goal

Whether you need to declutter because you are moving home, renovating, downsizing, or simply you have had enough of the clutter in your home; give yourself a timeline and try to stick to it! Be realistic in your expectations. If you make time to sort and organise your possessions, it will ensure that you do not put off the task.  Decluttering is not an easy process. However, emotionally (and spacially), you should really feel the benefits.

Be organised!

When decluttering any area have three boxes: One for items to get rid of, one for items to donate and one for items you want to keep.

You can donate some of your items to a local charity, like Hope For Food, in Bournemouth!

Have rules.

Ask yourself the following questions when decluttering.

Haven’t used or worn something in a year? Then do you really need it?

Is it necessary?

Why are you keeping it?

Is it in the right place?

Do you have several of the same item (bet this is a yes), if so, can you minimise to just one?

Providing Self-Storage in Bournemouth and Christchurch, we see so many clients store items for a very long time. Whilst we love having these clients, we often think, ‘If you store these items for a long time, chances are you don’t really need it’!

Self-Storage in Bournemouth and Christchurch to help you declutter

No pain no gain!

Many people hoard for emotional reasons. Getting to the bottom of why you are hoarding can really help you let go. Bear in mind that most people feel a real benefit after decluttering and this is a great feeling so keep it in the forefront of your mind.

Small Hacks to help you declutter.

  • Make your bed before you tackle your bedroom. Without doing much it gives you a sense of space.
  • Space saver bags (ones you can suck the air from) are often available in pound shops making them affordable on any budget.
  • Declutter your wardrobe from the bottom up – your instinct will be to work top down. But, all those items stuffed in the bottom of your wardrobe feel like a ‘quick win’ if you deal with them first!
  • Rent a storage unit – sounds counterproductive? Well, if you have items you really wish to keep and want your home to be comfortable and look stylish, then this is a suitable suggestion! We have Self-Storage in Bournemouth and in Christchurch from £30 per month, ALL IN!

keep trash donate pile boxes

What to do with the ‘get rid of it’ pile.

Again, there is a strategy required here. Can you recycle any items? Can anything go to charity? Is there anything you can sell? Can you freecycle any items (use a freecycle site like https://www.freecycle.org/)? The rest can go into regular dustbins, but these categories should help you keep trips to the tip to a minimum.

What to do with the donate pile.

Do you have any friends that may want any of these items? There are many charity shops in your local area and some even pick up furniture! Are there any school jumbles or church jumbles that would love you to donate those items to them?

What to do with the keep pile.

Sounds obvious, however, do make sure the items you keep are kept in the right place! We often keep items in ‘a drawer’ and cannot find them again. So, if they are bathroom related, ensure they are kept in the bathroom etc.

Store and secure your items in boxes, compartments and organisers. You can splash out on organisers from shops such as Ikea or simply divide your drawers with gift boxes, cereal boxes or repurpose plastic containers!

There you have it, a few tips on how to declutter your property! If you need help with storing some of these items whilst you tackle the job, you can visit our website here to find out more about Self-Storage in Bournemouth and our Self-Storage in Christchurch!