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Latest Coronavirus Update

Our Office Opening Hours

To protect our staff our reception is now closed during the lockdown.  However, you may still contact us via email info@a-storage.co.uk or telephone 07572 454615 or 01202 520038.

Can I still purchase Storage?

Yes, we have a fully distance selling process to protect you. We have the ability for our customers to reserve a room, check-in online, and complete the move-in documentation without needing to be present at our store.

Face Masks

Face Masks are now Mandatory within our facility & must be worn at all times when in communal areas, unless exemptions apply.

Looking After our Staff and Customers

The health and safety of our staff and customers is our principal priority which is why our reception is now closed until the Government restrictions have been relaxed.

Customers may still access their storage in an emergency requirement, or if their business needs to continue within the facility.  However, we have operated a one person per unit policy and ask that, if you do visit your storage, you adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.  This means that you must remain at least 2 metres (six feet) from any other customer visiting the storage and that, where possible, you wear protective face masks and gloves.

Our storage facilities are cleaned weekly to reduce contamination and we ask that you antibac anything you touch where possible.

Our storage continues to be monitored externally via CCTV.

Why Are We Still Open?

The Government has requested additional support from warehouses, mini-logistics and transport.  Storage and distribution is listed as one of the exclusion businesses the Government has identified.


Our facilities are open to allow businesses that are unable to work from home the ability to operate.  Some of our customers distribute or manufacture important products for use and this includes the NHS.  Therefore, the facilities are open and storage units are able to be accessed.  However, we do ask you to adhere to social distancing, antibac all you touch in communal areas and only allow one person per unit (unless you are operating an NHS product).

What is A Storage doing to help?

We have registered on this government website; www.gov.uk/coronavirus-support-from-business to provide support & assistance where it is requested.

We have offered some of our unused units for local storage or distribution purposes should the government require.

We continue to monitor all information provided by Central and Local Government and public health officials and will review policies and procedures regularly to ensure we follow all guidelines.  We are doing, and will continue to do everything possible to provide a clean and safe environment to our valued customers and employees.

If you do have to visit one of our facilities please do all you can to assist us in keep you and our staff safe.

Wishing you safe and well,

A Storage.