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Facility Locations

Bransgore Facility

Our Bransgore Facility features a variety of different sized units, containers and parking opportunities.

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Charminster Facility

Our Charminster Facility features a variety of different sized units, workshops and offices.

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Industry Disruptors

About Us

A-Storage is jointly owned by Charlie Hounsell and Mandy Pike. They decided to run a storage company in a different and client focussed way. Their core values were to create a good quality product at an affordable price, open and honest pricing structures and to have a client centred approach. Getting to know who their clients are and their specific needs was the basis of excellent customer services. "We wanted to only ever say no to a client if it was absolutely unavoidable" said Charlie Hounsell. "We will try to accommodate a client’s request and help them whenever and wherever we can".

"All too often people look for storage and are given a price that quickly escalates with ‘added extras" commented Mandy Pike. "We wanted a product that would enable the client to know exactly what they are going to pay from the outset, giving free services, (such as collection and delivery of items to a clients unit) and for that price not to change due to season or availability of units. We see no reason why a client should pay more for exactly the same product as another client simply due to the time of year or even what car they turn up in!"
Their outlook on what storage should be differs from most. "We have an extensive maintenance and cleaning regime and vermin prevention programme", commented Mandy. Units are cleaned, corridors bleached regularly and they use a professional pest prevention company to minimise risk. "Everything we can do, we will do, to ensure the maximum safety of items. We know we are storing people’s memories as well as their belongings and we do everything possible to ensure people can store confidently with us" added Mandy.
Their philosophy is popular with clients and has resulted in two facilities with constant repeat customers and a high level of occupancy in each site. They continue to grow and are currently looking for a third site within the Dorset area.