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Rent Serviced Offices in Bournemouth

Being a small business and working from home can sometimes make it hard to separate your work and personal life. It can be difficult to focus on work and make you feel like you are in the house all the time! Our offices range from a small office so that you aren't paying for a large office that you don't need, but we also have bigger offices for when your business starts to grow. By taking the next step in your business's development you can create your own place of work. The benefits don't stop there though, we offer free meeting room use and a prestigious business address for your business, whether it's for deliveries or to put on your website to show your business is professional and well established. Don't need a full office, just need to move your business out of the house? The co-working space in Charminster would be perfect for you, it's simple, you rent access to an office where you can sit and work at any desk you want. Not only is it a great place to work, but it is a great way of meeting new businesses and potentially finding new clients as you mingle with other entrepreneurs there. All of our serviced offices in Bournemouth have a communal kitchen area so that you can prepare your meals or make yourself a cup of tea to keep you going. Why not take that next step with your business and help it grow, take a look at our different sites where this service is offered below and find out what best suits you.

Office space in Bournemouth

A-Storage's Serviced Offices in Bournemouth


Our Charminster HQ offers 4 different sized serviced offices. The meeting room is just downstairs from the offices, it features a Chromecast for you to show off that fancy presentation you have been working on and is tastefully decorated to keep your clients engaged. The offices have their own secure internet line that you can use for free and there are no extra costs on top of your rent. You can find out more information and prices by clicking on the link below.