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Getting your Start-Up off the Ground and into a Workspace

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How to get your start-up off the ground and into a work-space

Here at A-Storage we provide storage units. We’re pretty sure you know that by now, but what if we said our storage units don’t have to be used solely for storing things? We’re talking about using it for something else… opportunity! Now is your opportunity to invest more time into a hobby, or even start-up that project you’ve been meaning to do since you talked about it with your mates at the pub.

Meet the entrepreneurs
This is where Jakub and O.J come in. The pair both work together in Bournemouth after moving here from Poland and Latvia, respectively. They currently rent one of our 50-square foot self-storage units in Charminster, to do vintage bicycle restoration. Sourcing the bikes from all over the country, stripping them down and restoring them into modern classics. As well as storing their tools and parts, we supply them with power so they can work at all times.


turning storage into start-up venture
Jakub and O.J – Turning storage into a workspace

Jakub has been a gear head since he was young and living in Warsaw. He used to watch and learn from his brother and hasn’t stopped since. Always trying to keep active and busy he likes anything that gets his hands dirty.
O.J is a bit of a peripatetic, having lived in Guernsey, Germany and Amsterdam among other places. Funnily enough, he hates riding bicycles! He does, however, prefer the visual aspects of the job,  his favourites are classic Italian brands ‘Colnago’ and ‘Bianchi’. In fact, the start-up business was O. J’s idea and after discussing it with Jakub they came in to A-Storage, signed the paper-work and moved in the next day (yes, it is that quick)!

So, what do the pair get up to?

Stepping inside their workshop it’s clear to see how passionate they are about what they do. Straight away you’re welcomed by wheels and frames hanging from the ceiling, bike parts stacked in the corner and under the tool bench. Most nights they finish work and come straight to A-Storage to do what they can to achieve their goals. The process is quite a tricky one, they get the bikes in, and then strip them down to the bare minimum. Next, they paint and sand each individual part. They then search through their collection of miscellaneous parts to see if they can recycle their clutter. Finally, the bike is put back together, checked to make sure it works and then, voila! The finished project is sold on or returned to the previous owner. Check out photos of their projects on their Instagram page.

This opportunity has given them big plans for the future, including starting their own bike restoration and design company. They also hinted at an idea for a phone app that would allow customers to create their own custom bike. O. J’s big idea is to collaborate with artists and visual genius’ to create truly unique framework. It’s clear to see that they really love what they do and we are ecstatic that we have provided them with a good platform to build on.

turning storage into a start-up opportunity
Jakub in a 50 square foot unit.

How did A-Storage help?
With use of our meeting room, out of hours access, a postal address and receiving packages on their behalf, we believe that we offer them a high quality product, in order for them to continue to grow and develop their skills. As well as all this, we like to make sure they have access to our Wi-fi and of course, that they stay fuelled up on free tea and coffee. When I asked how we helped them, they said ‘You gave us something that other companies couldn’t’, whether that’s the amazing privileges they get or our friendly and accommodating service, we are proud to have them as satisfied and happy customers.

Perhaps you have a passion you have always wanted to pursue, or a great start-up idea that we could help out with? To see prices of various sized units click here. If you think we could help, pop in store or contact us today!