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Charminster Outside

Why we love living in Charminster, Bournemouth!

One year ago, we opened our doors to our second Self Storage site in Bournemouth. Storage in Bournemouth tends to be clustered in Westbourne and Poole areas and there was only Store and Secure servicing the Throop, Muscliffe and Queens Park areas. We found a site on Charminster high street […]

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Bournemouth University Students Filming at A-Storage

A-Storage or Hollywood? We provide a lot of services, from self-storage through to virtual offices. One thing we never planned on providing was a film studio! I know, how can a Self-Storage Company offer a film studio? Well it’s not exactly Warner Bro’s Studios or Pinewood Studios, but it has […]

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A-Storage at The MacGuffin Project

Part of A-Storage’s culture is connecting with other local businesses. Whether it is just casual meetings or working with them, we like to find ways to enhance our customer experience. It is also a big reason we love working in Bournemouth, everyone is so friendly! This is where The MacGuffin […]

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Charminster Outside

Free Human Resources Workshop at A-Storage

At A-Storage we love helping Businesses, especially our own Business Centre Clients. As part of the services we offer, we are holding a FREE Human Resources workshop with Tracy Jordan from Northwood HR. Northwood HR are an experienced Company with expert knowledge in Employee Relations, Organisational Change and many more […]

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Business Values at A-Storage

Business Values at A-Storage At A-Storage we have a set of closely followed and precise Business Values. We apply these Values everyday to ensure the success of our Business, and to ensure that the customer has a great experience with us. Instead of just putting some paragraphs together and telling […]

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Administrator Position Available in Bournemouth Store

Administrator Position Available Would you like to be part of an exciting, dynamic team? Do you want more than just a ‘9-5’ job? Want to work within 10 minutes of beautiful beaches? Then our new Administrator role could be the perfect job for you! Who and what you will be […]

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Bournemouth Street Performer Brings Self-Storage To Life

Self-Storage can provide a solution to many types of people, typically business owners and home movers. At A-Storage, we like to take things a little further. Introducing one of our most unique customers, 54 year old Bournemouth street performer, Maricel Harabagiu. Maricel is a Bournemouth street performer, a ‘Human Statue’ […]

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Business Services: Flavourfy Digital at A-Storage

  Flavourfy Surgery  – Using our business services, to provide yours.   We provide various Business services at our Charminster branch in Bournemouth, including use of our meeting room. The meeting room sits six people, comes with free refreshments and use of a TV compatible with Google ChromeCast. This is all […]

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Bournemouth: Why we Love Living on the South Coast

It’s no secret that Bournemouth is a beautiful place. Bournemouth is regarded as one of the top holiday destinations in the UK. It is home to luscious beaches, amazing restaurants and the world’s first and only Pier-to-shore zipline, we’re serious! Feeling in a particularly ‘patriotic’ mood we thought, what better […]

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Self-Storage price comparison in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch

Self Storage is becoming more and more popular, but as it stands, many people have still never used it. So when it comes to your first time, you probably have no idea how much it’s going to cost you or what kind of things to look out for.  At A-Storage […]

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