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Storage Career - Flamingo Picture
An odd Birthday celebration, but it was fun!

Start your Storage Career today!

We believe in continual personal development and we facilitate this to our staff. Offering networking events and constant avenues to gain valuable experience in the self-storage and business sector helps to grow our staff that have chosen a storage career to grow. Most recently, the team attended a talk with Ted Baker Founder Ray Kelvin at @This Workspace, in Bournemouth.

We lead by example and encourage an environment where learning can take place. By frequently holding meetings to discuss success, build on new ideas and suggest improvements, we can continue to deliver a brilliant service to our customers.

Now, we all know the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, none of us are called Jack but you know what I mean. With this in mind, we try to make things as fun as possible. Like I mentioned above, networking events are often a great learning experience, but they’re also fun, especially when followed by late night meals and one or two (more) Gin and Tonics!

 A birthday at A-Storage is an exciting time, which are commonly met with silly presents and a few surprises. For the most recent birthday we turned one of our units into a Hawaiian beach resort, kitted out with palm trees, colourful flower leis and…flamingos.

Originality is a by-product of sincerity

As customers walk into our reception they can instantly see that we are different to any other facility in the area. They are welcomed by a friendly team member and a relaxed atmosphere. We all know storage isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing. For that reason, we have filled our building with beautiful pieces, that will invite you in and make you feel at home. We are definitely industry disruptors and set ourselves apart from other well-known storage chains.

At A-Storage we strive to deliver the best product we can. Whether that be our self-storage units, single item storage, serviced offices or our other business services, our aim is to supply you with a great solution to your problems.

In order to achieve these goals we give our undivided attention to the customer in front of us. No matter what we are doing, they will become our main focus. As a manager at A-Storage, you will be expected to do the same. We offer an open and transparent pricing policy, with prices clearly available on our website. Alternatively, they can phone us and we will happily tell them, we won’t even need any of their details!

Your training in your new storage career will be thorough and using your new expertise, we will discuss their needs and figure out the most cost effective and practical option for every customer. We never pressure sell to anyone – we don’t need to, we are confident of our services and our prices.

Current Opportunities:


We are looking for an Administrator to help run our Self Storage Company. Previous storage experience is preferred; however, strong management skills and attention to detail are more important.

Sales Manager/Assistant to Directors

We are looking for an Assistant to help run our Self Storage Company. Previous storage experience is preferred; however, strong management skills and attention to detail are more important.