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Thoughts of Bournemouth Estate Agents

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Have you ever wished that you knew everything an experienced Estate Agent knows? The property market is a tough place to be and for non-experienced movers it is one of the most stressful times in adult life. There’s so much to think about before selling or moving on to a new house. How can I sell my property for more? What should I do with my belongings between moves? Chris Shaw is a property expert who runs a successful Bournemouth Estate Agents. With over 15 years’ experience, we thought he might be the perfect person to shed some light. So, we sent him some questions to answer and he happily obliged!

How long have you been in the property market?

“I have been in estate agency and lettings since 2002, so I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the property world’.

What do you love about working in the property sector?

I love being regarded as an expert in the field and I love to think that I can help people through often the most expensive purchase they ever make.

I would say that if you’re a property person then it becomes your life rather than your job, despite the challenges and stresses that the industry gives you.

Tell me something that could help someone sell their property quicker?

Find an Estate Agent that you trust and really listen to them. Often an outsiders point of view is what you need. If you’re not ready for the agents’ comments or you are unsure if you agree, then ask your most critical friend or relative to give you a brutally honest opinion on what would make your property look it’s best before going to market!

Follow the gut feeling that you get when you meet an agent. Trust is everything when choosing who will manage the sale/ letting of your property. Small differences and efforts can equal £1000’s difference in the price you end up achieving. Having someone that wants to achieve this for you is key. If they are confident that they are going to deliver this then they will offer to be paid solely if they are successful.

What is your number one top tip for people moving?

My top tip would be to declutter the property and store what you might not need in the house between the time you go on the market and move.

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What do you think the most popular area to live in Bournemouth is?

There is no short answer to this question. It all depends on the profile of the person. Families will normally gravitate towards areas that have the larger stock of houses. Places like Charminster and Southbourne for example. Bournemouth Town Centre and Westbourne are more of a hit with the younger demographic.

Houses in Bournemouth vary between more traditional homes and modern areas and we are so lucky to have that much choice. People with higher budgets may prefer the more ‘leafy’ areas with large traditional homes, like Talbot Woods and Queens Park.

What do you think are the most important issues/tips people should consider when buying homes in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth property is notoriously one of the most expensive in the country compared to the average wages earned. So, I would advise anyone to consider what they really want to achieve and be realistic about budget. Buyers should really consider the key things they want their new property to have and then be prepared to compromise on the less important items! Remain open to areas and types of property you might not have originally thought about. Sometimes you often find a hidden gem!

Why should people move to Bournemouth?

Where do I start? Well, Bournemouth Beach is a good place, all 7 golden miles of it! We are positioned with the sea on one side and the New Forest on the other, we are quite literally surrounded by beauty! London and Southampton are also easily accessible by both road and rail. I would ask why people wouldn’t want to live in Bournemouth!

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