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What to expect from Removals and Man and a Van companies!

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We know that moving house can be one of the most stressful times in adult life. Not only are you buried in paperwork, but you also need to pack everything, arrange for it to be moved and then put it all back somewhere else. All this whilst trying to remain sane and continuing with your day-to-day life! With this in mind, we thought that everyone could benefit from knowing a little more about the professions and what you, as customers, should expect! So, we asked Hampshire based, RDK Removals and fellow Bournemouth locals, A Man and Van 24/7, to shed some light and share some tips!

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How much does a move cost?

RDK Removals – Prices for our removals are incredibly variable. Much of the pricing is determined on distance involved, the amount of goods, do you need a packing services or anything that requires specialist packing and so on.

A man and Van 247 – As a man and van company in Bournemouth our pricing is strongly structured on time. We will give you an hourly rate, so you’re only paying for our time and no added extras!

How long in advance should I book for a move?

A man and Van 247 – Depending on circumstance, we would say an average of 2-3 weeks. We, much like other companies, would recommend as much notice as possible, but we understand this isn’t always possible. However, we do offer a same day service, so if you are in need, don’t hesitate to call, you may get lucky!

RDK – A booking should be made as soon as possible – even if it’s a provisional date. Bookings are taken every day, so it’s best to get yours reserved as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment!

How do I know if a Removals Company/Man and Van is reputable?

A man and Van 247 – It is always important that you check they have goods and transit insurance and public liability insurance! You’ll also be able to tell from reviews that people have left for that company, you can see some of our reviews on Google!

RDK Removals – A reputable removals company should have a good website, good feedback/reviews and preferably accredited with an industry based background. Of course, you should always be on the look out for their insurance documents and policies!

Where can I get packing materials from? Do you sell them?

A man and van 247 – Both us and A-Storage in Bournemouth, provide packing materials! You can view our packing materials here, and A-Storage’s here!A-Storage Packing materials Bournemouth

RDK – The difference between a good and bad move is the packing material. Cheap single walled boxes or crisp boxes, just won’t cut it! Professional double walled cartons, nontoxic paper off-cuts and tape that actually sticks is a must! We supply a full range of packing materials including wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, wine carriers, book cartons and much more! You can visit our Packing Supplies shop here!

Top Tip – Always use good quality, double walled boxes! Remember not to over fill boxes, this will make them even harder to move and will risk the chance of boxes breaking and items getting damaged!

Do removals/man and a van companies offer storage?

RDK – Not all companies provide storage. Some focus purely on removals, whilst others offer the complete package.

A man and van 247 – Some companies don’t offer any storage in Bournemouth, but most will have a company that they recommend, much like we always recommend A-Storage!

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A-Storage provide storage in Bournemouth and storage in Christchurch.


What is the most popular type of move you deal with?

A man and van 247 – I would say 2-bedroom flats are the most popular property and move we deal with! We predominantly work with the rental market in Bournemouth, so these kinds of properties occur frequently! We don’t only do house moves though, we can do single item deliveries and courier services!

RDK – The most popular move we do is a typical 3 bed house move, with the full packing service aswell!

What is the most interesting or weird thing you have ever moved?

A man and van 247 – We once moved a stuffed bear, which was very un-expected! However, we also moved a van full of live snakes to Yeovil, that probably tops the lot! We don’t only move household items, so nothing is truly weird for us, we can move pianos, motorbikes and fine arts! We also do work with Bournemouth Ice Rink, picking up and moving their ancillaries and recycling their unused wasted.

RDK – A whole truck load of bamboo plants is probably the most bizarre thing we have ever moved!

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What areas do you serve, do you do moves abroad?

A man and van 247 – We will do any work in any European country, and anywhere in the UK! We’re mainly based in Bournemouth, Dorset but will service any location inside Europe.

RDK – We mainly cover Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Berkshire! We will go to Scotland and beyond!

So, if you ever need a man and a van in Bournemouth or removals in Hampshire (or anywhere for that matter)! We hope this blog has given you a good insight into what to expect!

You can contact A man and van 247 and RDK Removals below!

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